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Coastal Photography - Merry Christmas

December 23 2013 – 2

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Merry Christmas

  May I wish a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all of my customers, to the Galleries who have supported me and are exhibiting my work throughout the year and to my friends and family here and away. 2013 has been a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs with many highs and some lows. Some of the highs - my first International Exhibition at the Mentana Gallery in Florence, Italy and to follow they are representing me at the Innsbruck International Art Fair to be held in February 2014.   With my new Fine Art collections, 'Genesis Elements - Water' was selected by Saatchi online for their 'New this Week Collection' 5th August and again in October for the 'Fine Art Nude figures Collection'. I also very much enjoyed photographing Simon Neil as the first person to row out of Wells-next-the-Sea harbour to the Fair Way buoy and return, raising a lot of money for charity. It got a little choppy out there but he did it in an amazing time and we got some good images both to promote and to raise money. Photographing my first couple's wedding vows on the beach was an amazing day of sunshine and laughter. I photographed the wedding the previous day and everyone dressed again for the vows the following day, a wonderful day for the bride and groom and the first of it's kind on Wells beach I believe. As for the lows - well let's just think of the glass as half full! Again - wishing you all have a good holiday and thank you for your support and custom throughout 2013. See you again in 2014. Best Regards Janice  


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