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Corfu - environment

April 29 2018 – Janice Alamanou

Corfu - environment
Corfu - environment

A week out in Corfu, a place I lived for a while several years ago and visit annually,  has left me relaxed and inspired. A beautifully scenic island of contrasts and the vibrant people that live there.

I was disappointed that the councils have not sorted the litter problem around the communal bins on the island, apparently a huge problem, but on the plus side there are a lot of new positives this year. Corfu has it's own fish farm, which is good. There are old arts being rejuvenated by a younger set, the images below showing the bags and shoes hand-made locally from cattle skins, using the parts that the butchers do not. These images are from a lock up shop down by the port. I bought shoes from them and had a chat, they told me how the process they use on the skins is environmentally friendly.

Recycling in Corfu is beginning to take hold.


There is also a new shop in town which asks for recycled glass bottles. They then melt the glass and re-use as ornaments, household items and jewellery. Offering a variety of rich colours, green, blue, clear, brown etc. Again, a younger set retailing as bespoke.

Also in the area down by the port, there is a wonderful new studio with items made from driftwood. 1m boats with wooden or canvas sails, household items, such as lamps, mirrors and candle holders along with an array of ornamental pieces. 

New images on the website soon, keep watching.




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