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Gender Neutral - Fine Art Portraiture

February 22 2012 – 2

  Hello everyone, Above is image P849212c Colour True. This is my newest work for Fine Art Portraiture and is among my Limited Edition range of images - Gender Neutral. It is a portrait of a gender neutral person. This image is a man who dresses as a woman. Take a look at the rest of the range at: http://www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/71-gender-neutral Over the past year I have discovered my love of photography and the purity of landscape combining with the realisation of the pleasure of photographing people. From an early age I considered myself a bit of a loner, loving to be outside and enjoying the beaches, not necessarily with anyone else - now my absolute love of nature, the coast and our environment. Alongside this side of my childhood, when I was in a crowded place I remember constantly being told by my mother not to stare. People may have been uncomfortable at a child staring at them but I remember it only as objective looking. I watched body language and mannerisms and found those little glimpses of life to be interesting. Browsing through a psychology book later in my teens, I came across what was called 'The Norm Criterion' - now I'm sure there are many versions of what is and what isn't and I am only speaking on opinion not fact, but this one piece of reading actually made me question behaviour toward others and ourselves. To simplify the explanation as I read it, is to say that 'Normality is only the majority vote'. As an adult I strive to photograph what I see, not to be the judge but to let others look at my images, to react and debate among themselves. Whether a landscape gives a warm or a cold feeling that makes you want to be there, whether an image of a baby is uplifting and gives hope - and the appearance of people - whether it is tattoos, nude, disability or gender neutral - how does the image make you feel? Also see my new range of Limited Editions - Look Deeper on the website. Bye for now. I'll blog again soon with new images of snow along the Norfolk Coast. Janice  


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