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International Exhibition - Janice Alamanou

October 15 2013 – 2

    Genesis Elements - Earth  

Genesis Elements - Earth

Above is one of the Genesis Elements Collection being taken to The Mentana Gallery, Florence, Italy to be included in the 'Luce e Materia' exhibition from 26th October to 11th November 2013. The collection consists of five images created to combine natural elements with human elements. Above is 'Earth', four of the elements are female, this one depicts the femininity we relate to our planet 'mother earth' - thinking of nature as the womb of creation. The four female elements consist of Earth, Water, Fire and, instead of air - Wind. I have chosen wind as the carrier of the seeds and also because as all of these elements are the source of creation, they are also the elements of destruction. The fifth element is 'Man'. This element is shown with his arms raised above rough seas. An element of control and the ability to protect and nurture - or to destroy. As in the Bible, God said that he would make man in his own image.

To view and buy all of the Genesis Elements please follow the link:

Or visit the website:

Three of the Elements will be for sale at the Mentana Gallery - Earth, Water and Man along with Petalouda (the Butterfly). For the exhibition they will be mounted onto aluminium.



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