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Janice Alamanou exhibiting in Rome & Kiev

May 31 2017 – Janice Alamanou

Janice Alamanou exhibiting in Rome & Kiev
Janice Alamanou exhibiting in Rome & Kiev


This month has seen my new layout and redesigned website being well received after months of hard work setting it up and after last month's exhibitions in Paris (MUSA, Woman's Essence) and London (The Crypt Gallery), I am now relaxing a little in the Gallery in Wells.

I have just been invited to Rome in October as I have been announced as one of the '10 Art Must Haves' to be in the book 'We Contemporary' by MUSA. Very pleased about this and am looking forward to exhibiting in Rome again. The exhibition will then move on to Kiev.

  • Rome will be  26-27-28 October 2017 at Palazzo Velli Expo.
  • video exhibition in Kiev will be 2 November 2017 at Art Ego Culture Center Spivakovska

The featured image is of The Louvre 2, Paris, new in 'The White Collection'. 

Paris was a city to Love. The architecture and the beauty down by the river, the ambiance and spirit as people strolled along the tree lined banks. I loved it and would highly recommend. I stayed in the Notre Dame area, the banks are built lower and the trees made it feel as though you are separate from the busy roads. People having pic-nic's in the evenings with beer, wine, cheeses and hams, some playing guitars, some dancing - overall the gentle flow of the place inspired me and refreshed me for the summer ahead.

New photographs of Norfolk, Paris and Barcelona now on the website.



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