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Naked in Norfolk

August 17 2011 – 2

Hello All, I've had a bit of a change this month - along with the landscape photography I was asked to do some naked shoots. At first I was unsure and thought it over quite a lot. I did a little research into how I would approach doing the images and wondered how I would personally feel. Then curiosity took over and the challenge of doing something different - I couldn't resist. As the day approached it was a mixture of - keeping things extremely professional, putting the client at ease and getting those all important images. The day came and I am glad to report that it went extremely well. I got over my "English" feeling of (is this quite proper?) in less than three minutes and the person before me became a natural moving landscape that needed capturing as the light changed over the form. Take a look at the results - images are also for sale at: http://www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/63-portraits-nude-art Since then I have had another naked portrait shoot and hope to do more. Keep watching. For details of booking a portrait session take a look at the website: http://www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/49-portraits-booking-info/3161-portraits-booking-info      or contact me. Landscape updates will be coming soon. Keep watching. Janice


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