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New Fine-Art Photography - Janice Alamanou

September 23 2022 – Janice Alamanou

New Fine-Art Photography - Janice Alamanou
New Fine-Art Photography - Janice Alamanou

After a while of not creating, I have now started photographing with passion again.

Life takes different turns, our environment changes around us, sometimes at our will, and other times with no control. In the past few years we have suffered losses in many different ways. Life carries on around us and we strive to carry on. The saying 'Life is too short' resonates with so many. Therefore, life is to live, to grasp happiness whenever it knocks on our doors, to love and be kind to others. You never know the full situation of someone simply by looking at them.

We are resilient and bounce back, enjoying our freedoms, but be environment aware. From the threat of extinction and instability of the planet - yes, scary stuff - to simply taking care of your own litter. Recycle, use less wherever possible and to nurture, grow a plant, talk with your children about what they can do now and in the future.

With so many homeless and ill people, rising costs and the constant worry, it is so easy to fall from be ok to having nothing - I wish you all a happy autumn and please visit the website to look at the beauty around us, realise the suffering of others depicted in my work and be conscientious in life.

I hope you enjoy browsing. Any questions - please use the contact form.

New work will be trickling in slowly. Next exhibition will be in Barcelona, 18 - 20 November 2022, at M.E.A.M Museum.


Featured Image: Grow (In New Releases on the Website)


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