Janice Clements (Alamanou) ABIPP ICA - Coastal Photography

Norfolk and Suffolk Photographs

June 14 2010 – 2

The weather has been changeable but the sunshine keeps peaking through those clouds and the showers have left a crisp light here in Norfolk. Copyright Janice Alamanou 2010 Copyright Janice Alamanou 2010 This month I have been to Southwold and Lowestoft too, a sunny but windy day with lots of people about, but I still managed to get a few shots. Have a look in "Suffolk photographs" www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/41-suffolk/page5 also "Suffolk Beaches" www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/17-beaches/page51 There are some new shots down at Holkham of razor shells before the sunset and Wells-next-the-Sea harbour with the sun setting in the background and reflections in the harbour and surrounding puddles, the beach bank and the beach. "Norfolk  Sunset photographs" www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/15-sunsets/page6 "Norfolk Evening photographs" www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/4-landscapes/page21 " Wells-next-the-Sea Harbour Photographs" www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/11-norfolk/page22 Presently I am showing at Blakeney, Norfolk, the rooms on the front opposite the main car park - canvas, framed and mounted prints are on sale. Open 10am - 5pm  - last day this Friday 18th June 2010. I hope to see you there. Next event is at Wells-next-the-Sea, in the Maltings, Staithe Street, Norfolk, 25th, 26th and 27th June 10am-5pm. Don't forget that this is the time to book a portrait on the beach or a favourite location of yours. For information and how to book "Portraits" www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/49-portraits-booking-info/3161-portraits-booking-info Keep watching for the latest photographs. Janice


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