Janice Clements (Alamanou) ABIPP ICA - Coastal Photography

Sunset Photographs - Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk

April 09 2010 – 2

Oh I love Norfolk. A sea of footprints covering the sand told me that on this warm, sunshine day the beach had been busy. As I arrived families were leaving and only a few wishing to watch the sunset remained. First I took a shot of the late sun lighting the sand with a warm glow and then I captured the silhouette  of a couple on the dune and decided to go out to the foreshore to get some reflections in the sea. The tide had turned and was starting to come in so time was limited. As I waded, ripples broke the calm surface and made an interesting scene. Take a look at: www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/15-sunsets/page4 Hope you all got some sunshine too.


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