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Vanity Fair - House & Garden - & NEW LOGO!

March 04 2019 – Janice Alamanou

Vanity Fair - House & Garden - & NEW LOGO!
Vanity Fair - House & Garden - & NEW LOGO!

Spring News!

My photograph 'Salt Marsh Verdigris' was chosen for the 'Art Edit' of the March issue of House & Garden magazine. Also my photograph 'Sirens' was chosen for the 'Vanity Fair' magazine 'The Wish List'. 

April issue of House & Garden will feature 'Tree 6'.

Also this month - an exciting NEW LOGO for Janice Alamanou - Coastal Photography, designed by Fiona Stewart of Red Panda Designs: https://linkedin.com/in/fionacstewart 

She has managed to incorporate all aspects of my work into one logo - the sun in the background with a landscape before - the landscape is a body form, turned sideways is a portrait - the circle shape, the lens and the world. Excellent design!

 Visit the website to see more: www.coastalphotography.co.uk


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