February 21, 2010

From lilies to seascapes to snow in the harbour - the last couple of days has been a mixed variety of photography. Sunshine and snow, the great British weather never ceases to make me smile - where else can you get so many seasons in such a short amount of time? The lilies were part of a Valentines gift and worth photographing. Take a look at: www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/10-flowers-plants/page3  The draw of the coast gripped me again as I walked out to the foreshore at Wells to capture some seascapes. It is a serene, unspoilt and peaceful place take a look at: www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/17-beaches/page54 and www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/4-landscapes/page19 Yesterday brought crisp and clear weather and I took some different shots of the old whelk houses up the East End of Wells-next-the-Sea - East Quay. Reflections in puddles on black and white photography enhanced the fisher-men's sheds, now storage and work units. Take a look at these at: www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/11-norfolk/page22 And today saw a fresh batch of snow - 'not more snow' was my first thought, quickly followed by the putting on of wellies and out the door with the camera. The Tall ship, Albatros, in the snow was a beautiful sight in the harbour with the ducks swimming by, at Wells-next-the-Sea - and struggling to keep the camera from being soaked was still worth it. Take a look at new snow shots at: www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/16-snow/page11 That's all for now, Janice

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