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Newmarket Racehorses

October 19 2017 – Janice Alamanou

Newmarket Racehorses
Newmarket Racehorses

Hi all,

Racehorses on the Gallops of Newmarket!

A big thank you to a lovely friend who gave my number to a very kind ex-jockey and trainer, he has trained over a 1000 winners, and has the position of taking me onto the Gallops at Newmarket last month to photograph the racehorses up close. A fantastic day, a fantastic experience, exhilarating and a pleasure. 

I was told that the horses are £100000 upward and they weigh a bit at high speeds so not to get in their way. I loved every minute. I met the trainer of the stables and all were really friendly.

The coldest morning of the summer that day was ideal as after the horses exercised on the gallops the steam was melting into the air. I stood to one side as they raced between white flags, no fences. What can I say? A breathe out moment - ah. Wonderful.

New images on the website and more to come. 

September I was also in Cannes exhibiting and have new images soon to come there, including a panoramic in The White Collection.

October I started the month having a break in Corfu with the intention of doing nothing for a week. I love this island, used to live there a while and visit often. Apart from a swim and a sunbathe I soon had the camera out. I captured a portrait of a wood carver in his factory/workshop and some backstreets of the villages, all to come onto the website in coming months. Keep watching the blog to find out when.

Rome on Thursday for the opening of the exhibition 'We Contemporary' with MUSA. I have been selected as one of the '10 Art Must Haves' the exhibition will then go on to Kiev in November.

November I will be visiting Dubai for the first time. Selected as a finalist at The Global Art Awards 2017, held at the Armani Hotel. Wish me luck and please put your sealed bids in to Janice at the Gallery or by email - just add your details, payment details will be required only after acceptance. Bids accepted until 17th November - the day of the Awards. You will be notified from 21st on my return.

Watch for the new images of Dubai after that date.

Bye for now