Janice Clements (Alamanou) ABIPP ICA - Coastal Photography

Summer photography

August 18 2017 – Janice Alamanou

Currently working through the summer in the Gallery. This month has been somewhat changeable weather wise, as you know, but some good cloud formation and some new images in the early and late photography. Some are on the website, others will come slowly over the next few months.

Lots of very lovely people and some inspiring comments too. It's nice to meet several very young people who are seeking to be photographers at a later stage. I hope I have encouraged and inspired you.

September I begin photographing and creating fine art again. Watch for new images from this time.

All is heading toward the Dubai trip in November, with lots of interest through media and collectors, in 'Gold Leaf', the entry and the 1st ever photograph with 24ct Gold Gilding - if you didn't know already. Bids are closed/sealed and are accepted now until 16th November.

In the mean time, drop into the gallery to have a look and choose something for yourself or as a gift for someone special to you. Gift cards, printed with your own wording can be arranged to go with your item.

See you soon