Transcend - Objects of War - Sheathed Bayonet 2

Janice Alamanou - Coastal Photography

Limited Edition

In this turbulent time of the world where threat, terror and war are not always visible until the ultimate moment I have created the series of photography named 'Transcend - Objects of War'. Using objects that are from the past and the present to subtly and forcefully depict not only the issue but feelings - sorrow, angst, frustration, anger, uncertainty and much more. The use of the female naked form encompassing the thought of a moment not hiding and the involvement and roles of women. A moment when we are on the cusp of time to 'transcend' above and to look for a world where agreeing to disagree can be accomplished with all different politics, religions and views.

Printed as Giclee.

Photograph has a white border, is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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