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Brancaster Photographs - RNLI 50th Annual Service Wells-next-the-Sea

August 14 2010 – 2

Copyright Janice Alamanou 2010 I have been on a mission (commission) to capture Brancaster in different ways. I have loved every minute, clocked up a few miles and the results are so worth it. Take a look at: http://www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/search?q=brancaster Along the way I walked the complete beach of Brancaster to the harbour, managed a trip to Scolt Head, from Burnham Overy Staithe, and walked the beach to Hut Hill. Then finally, I took a boat trip from the harbour of Brancaster Staithe. I arrived in the morning at 7.50am in pouring rain wondering if I should actually get out of the car - cameras and rain? hmm. Within those 10 minutes to 8am (time of departure), the sky started to clear, the rain stopped and rays of sunshine tried to peep through the cumulus nimbus. First we went to the 9th Hole (indicating the beach off the 9th hole of Brancaster Golf Club), even managing to capture the 9th Hole itself - how many balls must end up in the water there I dread to think. The sea was very high the second highest tide of the year, I believe, so we headed toward Brancaster end of Scolt Head and the Natural England site. This was a beautiful stretch of unspoilt, natural landscape. I was very happy. The rain held off and although slightly choppy near the harbour entrance - I managed to get straight horizons. I cannot enthuse enough how much I love the coast. The final image (above) is a panoramic of Brancaster Staithe from a high point - not always an easy task in Norfolk - unless of course you happened to be standing on a cliff edge. It's pretty flat until you reach that point! Keep looking at the site. To see photographs of the Street scenes of the RNLI 50th Annual Service at Wells-next-the-Sea look at: http://www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/52-rnli-50th-annual-service-wells Coastal Photography images on the website also available for commercial use. Please contact for prices. Janice


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