Janice Clements (Alamanou) ABIPP ICA - Coastal Photography

Hang Gliding & Kayaking in Norfolk

August 31 2010 – 2

All photographs Copyright of Janice Alamanou With an onshore wind of approximately 35kn I waited to see if the Hang Gliders that had accumulated at West Runton cliffs would actually take the leap. Coming from as far as Ipswich and Northampton they were setting up their equipment and checking the fluctuating speed of the wind and the direction very carefully before deciding to go. The decision to wait an hour was made and I took a walk down to the shore to find three white-water freestyle kayakers in the rough waves. The wind made it feel colder and I wondered how their hands must be feeling regardless of the wetsuits, but when they took strong strokes through the surf guiding the small kayaks and occasionally rolling over - it was quite impressive. The sea was unusually rough for an August day and the onshore high speed wind just worsened this - maybe a joy to the kayakers? When they finally emerged I had a chat with them - as usual with all the sports people I have photographed on the beaches - they were great. Take a look at the images at:  http://www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/31-sport/page10 I arrived back at the cliff as the first Hang Glider was getting ready to fly. Again wind speeds and directions were checked, several men worked as a team getting him ready and then he was off. The glider soared and seemed to come to a stand still in the wind before turning and navigating his way along the coastline. Although the sky seemed cloudy and grey, in one direction it had a glimmer of blue and this is where I managed to get most of my shots. Because of the strength of the wind and the type of gliders different people had it was only possible for two to fly at this time but the afternoon was spent talking and the atmosphere was good. I can't wait to do it again. Take a look at the images at: http://www.coastalphotography.co.uk/shop/31-sport/page11 and the following two pages. Also take a look at West Runton photographs for distant shots of the hang gliders above the cliffs. Bye for now Janice


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