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Kamper Kogge - Mediaeval Trade-Vessel - Wells

May 15 2015 – 2

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Kamper Kogge

Dutch mediaeval trade-vessel.

Moored quietly at the outer harbour of Wells, the Kamper Kogge sat resting before her next journey round the Norfolk coastline. The crew came into the Gallery and invited me to photograph their wonderful ship. Without further thought I knew I would love it and to be honest photographing from the small details to the vast sails and finally escorting in the Wells Harbour Master's boat as he took her out of the winding harbour mouth to the open sea - well - if only every day could be like that. On the sea, breathing the air and photographing, it makes me very happy.

Photograph taken off Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk as she makes her way from a few days stay at Wells round to Kings Lynn - a major trading port of that time.

A beautiful ship, rebuilt, tarred, the bare bones of ancient wood work a wonderful sight - and a privilege to be invited to photograph her. To help the Kamper Kogge Foundation visit: www.kamper-kogge.nl.

To buy images taken from Wells please visit Janice Alamanou - Coastal Photography Gallery at 88 Staithe Street, Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1AQ or the website: www.coastalphotography.co.uk.


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