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Solar Eclipse 2015 by Janice Alamanou

March 20 2015 – 2


Solar Eclipse

20th March 2015

Photography by Janice Alamanou

Images taken from Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, UK, on the morning of the 20th March 2015. At first dense cloud cover which then lifted slightly to reveal the eclipse but lingering enough to act as a partial filter.

Using filters on my lens, to begin with the strongest filter would not focus and I could not see through it enough to manual focus. I switched to a lesser strength and began shooting. As time passed it became brighter and I had to revert to the higher lens and finally had three stacked to counteract the glare of the sun.

A zoomed out image of the harbour distracted from the actual event itself, with the eclipse being lost in the distance slightly. So, I chose these images to show as my first solar eclipse.

I hope you enjoy looking at them. Drop into the Gallery to see them in print.

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