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Norfolk Landscape Photography

October 18 2012 – 2

Hello, welcome to my October blog. Here is a sunset photograph created on Holkham beach, Norfolk. UK - the grass covered sand dunes stretching into the distance in the warm light. My 7 month old puppy loves playing here and is my new mascot and companion on landscape photography shoots, as he is now just able to walk far enough to keep up. As anyone who knows me will know, my last dog accompanied me on many trips and was a constant source of amusement around water. He hated it, which was a little strange as I am often in it when I photograph and he waited on the edge at the end of the extension lead. I fear my puppy is going the same way, he is the same breed, but the dunes he loves!       The image below is a misty morning at Morston, Norfolk, UK. This is a full colour image, no changes to the colour in post production. I am always drawn to this area on a misty day, the boats in the creek amid a haze, with sunshine trying to break through and burn off the elements. A beautifully natural coastal area.     And finally, love them or hate them, another of the images taken at the Sheringham Shoal Offshore Energy Windfarm. An alignment of turbines and one of the work boats that services the project. Whatever the opinion there is no doubt that they are industrially impressive to look at. Well, that's all for now. Watch the website for new images too: www.coastalphotography.co.uk Janice


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